Table full of veggies Table full of veggies


Nova Scotia grows a wide range of quality vegetables. Our coastal climate, clean water, and fertile soil make our farms ideal for their crops. With a long history, our farmers use the best practices to grow quality food. Use our products for wholesale, retail, and food service across Canada and the world.

Sustainable practices like crop rotation keep crops fresh, healthy, and safe. From seed to harvest, our farmers follow strict quality control and Canadian food safety standards. For some vegetables, our farmers use greenhouses to extend their growing season. This allows us to export quality vegetables for a longer portion of the year.

We export fresh, frozen, and processed vegetables across the globe. Research and modern technologies pave the way to high quality produce and cutting-edge, sustainable practices. Climate environment-controlled shipping keeps our produce fresh so you can taste the Canadian difference with every bite.

Bundles of carrots


Carrots are a great source of vitamin A and other nutrients. Nova Scotia carrots are available fresh and frozen for export. They come in a variety of cuts, packaging options, and volumes to meet your business needs. 

Broccoli plant


Nova Scotia quality broccoli is well suited to our climate. It contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange. Fresh broccoli is available for export year round either iced, iceless or shrink wrapped. 

Asparagus tied with twine


Import fresh asparagus from May to July. Loaded with nutrients, enjoy its sweet, nutty flavour prepared in many ways.

Pile of turnips

Turnip & Rutabaga

Turnips and rutabagas are healthy root vegetables. Import them in many forms including sliced and bulk orders. Nova Scotia exports fresh turnip from September to October and rutabaga year-round.

Cabbage in the ground


Cabbages are loaded with nutrients. Crops have grown on Nova Scotian farms for hundreds of years. Cabbage is an important fresh market crop, with varieties including red, green, and napa. Nova Scotia has a long history of processing cabbage into slaws. Fried, braised, boiled, stir-fried, or raw, there are so many ways to enjoy cabbage. They are available 11 months of the year. 

Heads of cauliflower


Cauliflower is well-suited to Nova Scotia’s climate and is important to our fresh market. Eat it fresh, cooked, or use it as a base for special flour and protein powders. Import fresh cauliflower from July to November. Our farmers grow many different types of cauliflower.

Ears of husked corn


Sweet corn from Nova Scotia is a healthy and delicious staple with many uses. Eat it fresh or process it to make other products like flour, syrup, or starch. Our farmers also use corn in silos or animal feed.

Pile of onions


Nova Scotia grows a selection of flavourful, nutritious onions. They are used to enhance the flavours of many foods. Enjoy a selection of onions year-round, with popular choices of yellow or Spanish. Onions are processed in many ways, including diced and onion rings.

Pile of potatoes


Nova Scotian potatoes contain many healthy vitamins. Potatoes have been cultivated in the province for almost 400 years. They are exported fresh or processed as frozen, chipped, dehydrated, and other forms year-round.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Highly nutritious, sweet potatoes are delicious and a great source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Sweet potatoes are usually orange and can be eaten boiled, baked, steamed, or fried. Nova Scotia exports the popular Covington and Radiance varieties. 

Peppers hanging from the plant


Nova Scotia produces a range of nutrient-rich peppers for export. Import field-grown sweet peppers from August to October. Greenhouse-grown sweet peppers and hot pepper are also exported from March to November.

Pumpkin patch


Pumpkin is nutritious and linked to many health benefits. They are delicious in pies and other desserts.  Nova Scotia also exports a variety of pumpkin seeds for planting in wholesale and bulk packages. 

Tomatoes on the vine


Tomatoes have vast health properties and a juicy and vibrant flavour. Our greenhouses allow for an extended growing season. Choose from many varieties including Beefsteak, Roma, and eat Cherry and Grape tomatoes in just one bite. Tomatoes make excellent sauces, soups, and taste great on their own. 

Cucumbers on the vine


Cucumbers are a great addition to a healthy diet. Nova Scotia farmers grow and export many field and greenhouse cucumbers year-round. 

Bundles of different colour beans

Beans & Legumes

Fresh market flavourful green and yellow beans are harvested from July to September. Raw or cooked beans are an excellent source of vitamins, fibre, and healthy carbohydrates. Choices of dried legumes are also sold for use in baking. 

A head of garlic with a few clove off to the side


Garlic is a common ingredient used in cuisines across the globe. Its strong flavour enhances many types of dishes. Nova Scotia flavourful, healthy garlic is available from August to October. 

Bushel of Kale


Nova Scotia kale is a hardy and healthy vegetable available fresh from July to November. It is a dark leafy green that can be eaten raw. It is common in salads, smoothies or cooked and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. 

Plate of mixed vegetables

Mixed Vegetables

Sometimes you can’t choose just one. Import nutritious mixed vegetables and use them in salads, stir-fries, soups, smoothies, and more.  

Leek field with two leaks picked from the earth


Leeks are a great source of vitamin C, iron, and fibre. They can be prepared in many ways, with the stock being used most often. Import fresh leeks from September to December.



Fresh lettuce is most often used in salads, served as a healthy side with many dishes. Nova Scotian lettuce comes in many types such as iceberg, romaine, green and red leaf, and mixes.

Spinach field


Spinach is a healthy, leafy green that is grown fresh from May to October. Our farmers grow a selection of spinach types such as savoy, semi-savoy, and flat. Spinach is a healthy way to add value to many foods, including salads, soups, and dips.

Green and yellow Zucchinis


Nova Scotia farmers grow an array of zucchinis for export.  Zucchini is fat- and cholesterol-free and low in sodium. It is rich in manganese and vitamin C. Zucchini is very versatile and makes great baked products, gluten-free pasta, and many other dishes. 

A pile of different varieties squash


Healthy Nova Scotian squash is a fall favourite. Butternut, Buttercup, and Spaghetti squash are just some of the different options. Our farmers grow squash in the summer and winter. We export summer squash from July to September and winter squash is available from August to March.

Beets with leaves and roots


Beets are available fresh from July to February. Enjoy them boiled, baked, pickled, and cooked in many other ways. Beets are a great source of folacin, Vitamin C, and potassium.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are green, leafy vegetables that look like small cabbages. They are well-suited to Nova Scotia’s climate and make a healthy pairing with many meals. Brussels sprouts are nutritious and high in vitamin C. Import them fresh and for processing from September to December.