Table full of soy products. Table full of soy products.

Plant-Based Products & Nutritional Supplements

Nova Scotia offers viable plant-based products and nutritional supplements to support healthy lifestyles. We have several leading nutritional and dietary supplement companies. This includes the largest supplier for Omega-3 products in the global food and beverage industry. Our products include organic plant-based proteins like hemp and soy to whole plant powders from flax and wheat.

Nova Scotia’s food processing industry also serves several dietary niche markets. These include plant-based choices, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, and kosher friendly products.

Soy products on a table including soy milk, tofu, and soy beans


Soy is among the best sources of all-natural plant-based proteins.  Nova Scotia proudly grows thousands of acres of soybeans, with the bulk being exported, raw or whole. Soy is often used in vegan, vegetarian and healthy dishes. Nutritious artisan style tofu products are also available. 

Table full of hemp products


Hemp is not just a plant. It is versatile and has vital nutrients like magnesium, fibre, zinc, and iron. Dating back to 1606, Nova Scotia has a long history of hemp farming. Using modern facilities, Nova Scotia's hemp producers create seed oil, flour, and protein powder.

A line up of supplements in small glass bottles

Nutritional Supplements

Nova Scotia's leading nutritional and dietary supplements are rich in vitamins, supplements, Omega-3s, and probiotics. Other health products include gels, upcycled flavoured powder, liquids, and other supplement forms. Nova Scotian companies export a variety of sustainable products worldwide.  

Pile of flax seeds

Flax & Flour

Milled and sifted, flax and flour products are the perfect ingredients to enhance the quality of homemade goods. Flax offers low-carb, high fibre, and essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Nova Scotia exports an assortment of well-established healthy flax and flour products.

Wheat field


Nova Scotia quality winter wheat is the most popular grain grown in the province. It is commonly used for all-purpose, pastry, and cake flours.