A variety of non-alcoholic beverages on a table surrounded by ice A variety of non-alcoholic beverages on a table surrounded by ice

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Nova Scotia’s non-alcoholic beverage sector is diverse and modern. We have exported non-alcoholic beverages for decades with established, well-known brands. With demand increasing around the world, many new companies are bringing new ideas to the export market. Our clean water and pristine natural environment keep our drinks fresh and delicious. Coffee, sparkling water, fermented beverages, and liquid supplements are just some of the products we offer. Our natural and healthy fruits and berries often influence our juices and soft drinks.

Whether you’re looking for retail-ready, wholesale, private label, or small niche offerings, Nova Scotia has something for you. Our quality beverages are made with passion and care to create trusted, safe, and authentic products.

Coffee Beans


Nova Scotia is home to Canada’s first fair trade and organic coffee roaster. Our established, respected coffee operations offer some of the best coffee in the world. Choose from many products, including sustainably sourced, carefully roasted beans. Many special blends are exported year-round for wholesale and retail.

Tea from red kettle being poured into clear glass


Our tea comes in many delightful blends. Teas have a wide range of flavours and caffeine content, ranging from black teas with high caffeine to caffeine-free herbal teas. Nova Scotia creates tea from small batch blending techniques with quality ingredients. 

Glass of Sparkling Juice with ice

Carbonated/Sparkling Juice

Sparkling water adds a twist to our delicious fruit juices. Our local ingredients mixed with carbonated water from natural springs creates a delicious, vibrant flavour. 

Glass of water


Canada is home to many safe, natural sources of spring water. Bottled right at the source, you can import water from Nova Scotia in many product forms. 

Sparkling water being poured into a glass

Carbonated/Sparkling Water

A little fizz goes a long way. Sparkling water is a bubbly way to quench your thirst. We have many different flavours that always come from safe, natural sources.

Top down view of soda cans

Soft Drinks

Import soft drinks from Nova Scotia year-round. We produce a wide range of quality flavour soft drinks to enjoy. We export soft drinks made by well-established brands as well as local craft sodas. 

Glass of Kombucha of a table full of ingredients


Kombucha is a popular, fizzy drink made from fermented tea. It has a unique, sweet, and sour flavour. Our kombucha is carefully sourced to create a refreshing blend with many health benefits. We export kombucha around the world so you can enjoy it year-round.

Glass of blueberry juice with blueberries in the background


Canadians drink more fruit juice than any other nation. Many of our juices come from our assortment of fruit crops from local farms. We export healthy juices from fruits like blueberries, cranberries, apples, and more. Our high-quality juices are in demand all around the world.