Table full of meat and cheese Table full of meat and cheese

Meat & Dairy Products

Nova Scotia has a variety of meat and dairy products ready for export. Enjoy a range of Nova Scotia quality meat products including poultry, beef, lamb and pork. Bring a unique staple to your region with spiced donair meat. Experience a variety of hand-made cheeses crafted from fine, fresh quality milk.

A cutting board full of raw meat

Meat Products

Premium Nova Scotia beef, pork, lamb and goat are available in a variety of cuts and packaging options. Enjoy fresh, wholesome, delicious chicken and turkey products that are shipped across Canada. We have a broad variety of processed meat flavours and options including cooked and pickled products available for import. Donair meat is a local favourite, made with a unique spice blend. 

Different types of cheese stacked together


We use traditional, European processes to create a wide range of cheeses ready for export possibilities in wholesale, retail and food service distribution. Nova Scotia has a variety of cheeses available to import. These include feta, ricotta, gouda, parmesan, havarti, blue cheese, organic cheddar, and many more.