Nova Scotia grows many healthy and delicious fruits and exports them around the world. Import our fresh, frozen, and organic fruit to eat on their own or enrich the flavours of other products. Modern farming fused with our rich history keeps our fruit safe and sustainable. Wild blueberries are our largest fruit crop. The town of Oxford, Nova Scotia is the wild blueberry capital of Canada.

Apples are a sweet, diverse fruit and our second largest crop. Home to the oldest apple orchards in Canada, the Annapolis Valley’s apples have been growing for close to 400 years. Eat them fresh on their own or you can choose the best flavours for ciders, pies, and more.

You can import many other fruits from Nova Scotia. Strawberries are refreshing and sweet and we also export strawberry nursery plants. Add a healthy splash of flavour with the rich, tart taste of cranberries. Straight from the vineyards, our premium grapes are world-famous and make excellent wines. High bush blueberries, Haskap berries, and raspberries are also cultivated and rich in health properties.