A table full of mixed drinks A table full of mixed drinks

Alcoholic Beverages

Nova Scotia is home to award-winning distilleries, wineries, craft cideries, and breweries. In the past two decades, our alcohol craft beverage industry has grown greatly. Choose from a wide range of beers, ciders, wines, spirits, and more. We take pride in creating drinks with Maritime flavours and influences. View our products and import a taste of the Maritimes:

  • Distilleries
    Our long-standing distilleries produce global award-winning spirits including gin, rum, vodka, and whisky.
  • Wineries
    Nova Scotia has emerged as a world-leading cool climate wine region. Our wineries have won over 200 national and international awards.
  • Craft Breweries
    With over 50 craft breweries, we export world-class beer.
  • Cideries
    Our long history and vast choice of apples allows us to make delicious ciders for any palate.
Glass of wine


The Atlantic Ocean plays a key role in Nova Scotia’s wine production. Our vineyards are never more than 20 kilometres from the coast, creating unique wine-growing conditions. Our coastal breezes and cooler climate created Tidal Bay wines, Nova Scotia’s first appellation. It is a crisp white that pairs perfectly with our famous seafood. Nova Scotia has a diverse array of wines for import. These include red, rosé, and fruit wines such as wild blueberry and dessert ice wines. Our traditional method sparkling wines have gained a global prestige for their unique acidic qualities.  

Glass of Beer


The Nova Scotia craft brewing industry is diverse and uses local ingredients to make world-class beer. Each brew tells a unique story from every corner of the province. Quality craftsmanship, loyalty and passion create one-of-a-kind and flavourful beer.

A flight of different cider


Nova Scotia is home to Canada's first and oldest apple orchards. Paying tribute to our 400-year history, Nova Scotia has seen an increase in craft cideries. Nova Scotian ciders are not just made from apples but are also blended with quality local fruit.

Shots of whiskey on a black background


Nova Scotia's strong Scottish heritage impacts the assortment of premium whisky styles produced in our province. This list includes the first single malt whisky in North America!

Bottles of whiskey on wood pedestals


From pirates to rum running, Nova Scotia’s history with rum dates back over a hundred years. Our wide range of hand-crafted, world-class rums are gaining global respect.

Glass of Gin with Lemon and Mint


Whether it is classic or flavoured with local fruits, berries and herbs, Nova Scotia's gin is world-famous. Our distilleries have won gold medals in many esteemed global spirit contests.

Shots of vodka with ice on table


Abundant local ingredients are key to the success of Nova Scotia's hand-crafted and award-winning vodkas.

Glass of liqueur with orange peel inside


Liqueurs are sweet and flavoured with distilled liquor, with lower alcohol content than classic spirits. A base spirit is often combined with ample fruits, berries and herbs that are ready for use. Nova Scotia's various liqueurs give endless drink fusions.

Glass bottles in ice

Ready to Drink

Nova Scotia is just one area of North America where the ready-made cocktail segment has exploded in demand. Creative and passionate companies are using local fruits and berries to create crisp, clean flavours. Try our ready-made cocktails and enjoy them in cans or bottles year-round.